Custom Presentation Solutions

Whether you’re an academic institution or a Fortune 500 company, we will work with you to assess your unique goals and needs. Then we will provide you with all the features and functionality you need to produce effective presentations.


Smart Lecterns

Our smart lecterns and podiums are designed and built using high-quality materials and AV equipment to suit your unique focus. All of our furniture builders have over 20 years of experience, so you can rest assured that your lectern or podium will be crafted to your satisfaction.

Teaching Stations

Incorporating all the features of the lectern in a more compact format, our teaching stations are perfect for rooms where low-profile is more appropriate. Like the lectern, our teaching stations come equipped with all the presentation tools instructors commonly use.

Check this video of the Klasstech Pro in use at Portland State University.


Instructional Desks

These offer the same components and user-interface as our other systems but in a desk-style cabinet. Our instructional desks work best in computer labs and other environments where the instructor works from a seated position.

Media Carts

For a mobile, all-in-one presentation platform, look no further than our media cart. We design each cart to support and integrate presentation equipment think laptops, projectors, and document cameras seamlessly into the AV system.


Our mobile k-carts feature one or two shelves to support presentation equipment. The keyboard tray slides out easily with locking detent at the extended position. The center section offers an adjustable shelf for additional equipment and comes standard with projector mount, power supply, and cable management.


Lecture Capture

Need to provide teachers with the ability to record content for students to access in a variety of formats and locations? Our lecture capture solutions enhance the availability of online content for students in all course types and provide instructors with a means of sharing course content and materials with students.