With KlassTech, you’re never just buying a piece of AV equipment. A full-service provider of integrated AV solutions, we know how to make your system effective, functional, and easy to use. We also guarantee any new equipment or upgrades we install will work seamlessly with your current system.

av solutions

Audio Visual Integration

We ensure your space is fully integrated and customized with everything you need for effective presentations and communication, whether it’s an event facility that requires comprehensive capabilities or a plug-and-play meeting space.

Digital Signage

Communication is key in today’s business environment. From LED video walls to LCD monitors, we will ensure digital signage and other display technologies work for you. Benefits include enhancing customer experiences, improving marketing and branding, streamlining organizational communications, and more.


Information Technology

Let our highly experienced technicians facilitate your digital transformation through wireless solutions, infrastructure security, workspace collaboration, and more. We will ensure your AV system is always up-to-date and operating at optimal performance, giving you peace of mind.

Media Production

From broadcast control rooms to remote production, we design, install, and manage real-world workflow solutions for the media and entertainment industries. This allows our customers to present and achieve at the highest level.


Media Supply Chain

Want to optimize your media operations? Our team will help you deliver your digital media safely and securely from its point of origin to its destination, all while keeping your business goals and needs in mind.

Meeting Space

Effective meeting space is the backbone of every organization. Whether you want to enhance your facility’s current AV system or install a new one, our team is dedicated to meeting your technical needs at your price point.


Mission Critical

Whether you’re in the federal, public safety, utility, transportation, or hospital sector, we ensure that your organization will respond quickly and decisively during critical events.

Physical Security

Be it video surveillance, facial recognition, access control, and/or intrusion detection, our security experts will help you implement the right mix of security strategies and solutions.