Tips for Collaborative Hybrid Meeting Solutions

If you’re wondering how to create a productive and collaborative space for hybrid meetings at your company, you’re not alone. At KlassTech, our team knows that being able to meet anywhere at any time is becoming increasingly important for businesses both large and small, especially over the last few years. That said, hybrid meeting solutions pose their own set of challenges to facilitators. Today, we’ll discuss how to effectively use collaborative hybrid meeting solutions.  
Consider hybrid meetings
This type of meeting is a mix of both in-person and remote attendee, with the in-person attendees sitting together in a dedicated meeting space. The remote attendees meet through a virtual meeting platform like Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams. Hybrid meetings offer a variety of benefits to both businesses and employees, such as not needing to reschedule or interrupt an important meeting, even if some employees aren’t in the office. This can help you keep productivity and decision-making on track.
If traveling into the office for one meeting is time consuming, hybrid meetings give employees the option of remaining at home. This can eliminate unnecessary commute time as well as reduce carbon footprint. Or if social distancing or the size of the meeting space is an issue, hybrid meetings allow you to minimize the number of people physically present in a space.
Consider your meeting space
While hybrid meeting spaces are an excellent way to bring together a mix of in-person and remote participants, they can also be more challenging to set up. That’s because not only do facilitators need to ensure that remote attendees have access to compatible virtual meeting technology but also the tangible resources available to in-person attendees. So, consider carefully when designing your hybrid meeting space.
Consider your technology
The following AV technology and solutions are essential to hosting effective hybrid meetings in any conference space:
• Video conferencing software or platform. This allows two or more attendees to visually meet face-to-face and in real time over the internet.
• Display monitors let in-person participants better communicate and collaborate with their remote counterparts as well as aid in sharing content during important meetings.
• Quality cameras give remote attendees a clearer view of the meeting as well as a more positive video conferencing experience.
• Like with cameras, good quality speakers and microphones enhance communication between remote and in-person attendees and ensure that all attendees hear messages clearly within meetings.
Whether you’re meeting with partners and customers or enabling remote work, our safe and secure conferencing solutions will allow you to become more productive through face-to-face collaborations.
We’re here to help
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